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Daily Chase: Vol. 42

That’s right, folks, today is the day! We’ve reached the golden birthday of daily logs (so to speak). I wish I could tell you that contained within this brief post would indeed be the answer to everything, but it may not quite reach those heights of splendor. However, it has been eventful past week or so, including a great weekend trail run through some difficult weather conditions. As with most things in my life, my running and blogging has only left me with more questions and topics of curiosity as I expand my knowledge and interests. At the same time, I’m constantly amazed by the resources as my disposal. As someone with a very strong “input” strength, I’m constantly collecting information in the form of articles, websites, and new running projects. I truly feel that this makes me a better runner, but also a better student of the sport, and makes me better equipped to do what I enjoy almost as much as running itself…talking to others about running in all of its incredible forms! So, volume 42 may not contain all the answers you seek, but if you do a bit of poking around through the rest of the blog, I’d venture to guess that you’ll find some answers you didn’t even know you were looking for to begin with, and ultimately, that’s an even greater reward!


Chasing42 Log: 20160408-20160414

Run: Most importantly, the streak is still in play. I wouldn’t say that it has been an easy adjustment to my already busy schedule, but I’ve managed to make it work and it feels good to run every day, even if it is only a mile or two. Over the weekend, I participated in the Brandywine End to End, which was organized by the Wilmington Hike Club. The event is a 36 mile hike along the Brandywine from PA down Brandywine Creek State Park. Most folks make it a day-long hike, but myself and a friend (along with a few others) ran the 36 mile route instead. The weather was less than ideal and certainly presented some challenges, but it was still a fantastic event and made for some wonderful memories. You can look for a full report coming soon! My miles this week have remained consistent, and I was even able to sneak out for a bit of a longer run this morning and take advantage of the brisk, sunny morning. These are the weather days I’ve been looking forward to, and I’m excited to spend as much time outside as possible.


Thought: I’ve been thinking a lot more lately about the mental side of running. After conquering the Georgia Death Race, I had a new respect for my own mental toughness and it left me wondering just how much my body is capable of being pushed. The Barkley was recently run in TN, and Jared Campbell emerged as not only the sole finisher, but the first person to finish the event 3 times. After watching that race unfold, listening to an interview with Gary Robbins, who made it 4.5/5 laps before sleep deprivation caused him to get lost and time out, and then watching the Barkley Marathons documentary, my spirit or pushing myself further and further has been renewed. I had been feeling in a bit of a lull after GDR, but I’m not on the hunt for new and unique experiences. There are plenty of races that excite me, but more than that, there are plenty of trails around the country that excite me, even if there is no race on them. The only question is where to head to next!


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