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Keeping Myself Goal-Oriented

I worked quite hard this spring, and I was extremely pleased with the results. Each step of the way, I had goals in mind, whether it was increasing my weekly mileage or preparing for the next race. Those impending milestones helped keep me motivated and pushing myself forward. However, it’s now summer, and I have no major races scheduled for June or July. In addition, running in the heat is perhaps my least favorite environmental test of endurance.

Now, I do have races planned for September, so it’s not as if I’m taking a huge break from the longer distances. However, I have a stronger base now than I’ve ever had before, and it would be quite easy for me to simply maintain my mileage, without really pushing myself, and still be prepared for the beginning of the Fall race season. This doesn’t give me the same excitement though. Maintaining the “status quo” has never been something I’ve been good at, for better or worse. I’ve always been someone who reached one goal, and immediately asked “what’s next?” Thus, I find myself wanted, no needing, to ask that question yet again.

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Discussing fall races and trying to get my schedule lined up so I know what to train for certainly gives me an extra push. However, I’m realizing that I need to start setting mini-goals for myself. Now, you may recall that I did get myself going in the right direction with a summer to do list, but these were a bit general, as I’m now realizing. So, it’s time to get a bit more specific and push myself forward. So, here we go:

1. hill work 1x week (Monday or Thursday)

2. easy 5-mile Wednesday runs (similar to ultra schedule)

3. 8-9 miles every Tuesday

4. Marathon & Ultra Schedule begins after July 4th

My race schedule will be evolving and coming together in the next few weeks, and I’ll be sure to keep it updated on the blog as well. More than anything, I’m just acknowledging to myself that I have always been a goal-oriented person and always will be, no matter what sector of my life I’m focusing on.

So what are your summer goals?

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