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January By The Numbers

This was a month of contrasts, and the beginning of what will no doubt be a very exciting, adventurous, and diverse year of experiences. The temperatures varied by close to 80 degrees, the epicurean and I made the decision to move half way across the country, I signed up for many of my “last hurrah” races in Iowa, and I ran more total miles than in any other previous month (I think).

Let’s run the numbers for January:


9,144– Total feet of elevation gain for the month…I need to try and step it up! (pun intended)

1,080– The number of miles between Ames, IA & our new home in Delaware. We have a lot of packing, planning, and house shopping to do between now and then. Don’t worry, though, as I’ve been sure to begin scouting running groups and new races to tackle in the area!

334.7– Total number of miles run in January…yikes!

80– Approximate temperature variance from -30 wind chills to 50 degree days…oh, Iowa 🙂


34– Number of runs during the month- I added in a second two-a-day on Thursday to increase the fatigue on my legs heading into my weekend miles. It’s been a slow transition, but I’m feeling good about it.

14– Number of old pairs of running shoes I finally parted ways with after they served their distance. It was hard to say goodbye!

6– Races I’ve signed up for, with more to come once the schedule is a bit more consistent!

5– Number of classes I’m teaching this semester…I didn’t really want to sleep, right?

Keep running…just not in place!

5– Number of marathon-or-longer distances run this month…the base miles will start to give way to more challenging runs now!

2– Number of pairs of shoes I’ve retired and replaced.

0– Number of indoor runs, treadmill or otherwise…a good month indeed!



Keep #chasing42 !

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2 thoughts on “January By The Numbers

  1. Good January numbers. I agree with you that treadmills suck, I run outside regardless of the weather.

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