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  • Feminism & Running in San Juan

    I got back from Tucson on a Sunday afternoon, and had two whole days to try to reorient myself to Iowa, catch up on grading and emails, and pack for trip #2. Alas, the grading piled up quicker than I could tackle it but that project is still in the works. My next trip was […]

  • My Gluten Elimination Experience

    On August 3rd, I embarked on a short-term journey. I have mildly struggled with digestive issues, both while running and in general, for quite a while now. I had played around with my fluid intake, adjusted my nutrition, cut out processed sugar, and monitored my diet in the days prior to long runs. All of […]

  • Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Goodness!

    My summer schedule has allowed me/ forced me to structure my days without the help of set meeting times or teaching times. I’m spending the summer teaching online courses while working on finishing my dissertation. When I’m not reading feminist theory, sexuality, sexuality education, and educational policy, you can find me breaking up the routine […]

  • Running Clean: The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

    I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to gluten-free eating, but I’ve learned quite a bit over the past year. In large part, that has been the result of tagging along on the beautiful epicurean’s dietary adventure. As I’ve learned more about it in general, I’ve found myself giving more thought to […]

  • Getting Lucky in Minneapolis!

    Apparently the luck of the Irish is strong with me, because my running pursuits have now resulted in me “Getting Lucky” twice just this month! Although most cultural traces of my Irish identity have been absorbed by my now White identity, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Ireland, and hope to […]

  • Taking the Plunge: The Garmin 910xt

    I’ve been researching possible GPS watch replacements for my Garmin 405 for quite some time. The 405 has treated me quite well, and was the first GPS watch I ever owned. Hanging out in the memory of my 405 is over 5,000 miles of running memory, and by association, the history of my evolution as […]

  • T & T Chronicles: Oceanfront Running in Tobago

    I’m sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the updates on my much-anticipated trip to Trinidad and Tobago. This was my first experience with international travel and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Thus, the next several posts will be dedicated to a more in-depth running recap of our week in the Caribbean. After the cold […]