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  • My SF Chronicles: Loving the Bay Bridge

    After making the Golden Gate Bridge a priority, I found myself much more open to exploring other areas of the city. Having ventured west the day before, I figured I would venture east towards the Bay Bridge. Although perhaps not as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge is no less impressive. Along […]

  • My SF Chronicles: A Golden Gate Kind of Day

    As I mentioned, I recently traveled to San Francisco to attend a professional conference with 14,000 other educators from around the world. The¬†sheer size of the conference was a bit overwhelming, and the choice of sessions was incredible. My days were completely packed, and my mind was left racing with ideas for future research and […]

  • Heading West: A Break in the Action

    I’ve mentioned before how much I love to travel, and how much I love to explore a new destination on foot. Tomorrow, I’m hoping on a plane to San Francisco to attend a conference, and I’m looking forward to squeezing in a few runs while I’m there! The schedule is jam-packed, but I won’t be […]