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  • RRCA Coaching Certification- Just call me coach!

    It’s no secret that I love many different aspects of running. Heck, I wouldn’t be writing a blog otherwise, right? Not only do I love running itself, but I love the research that goes into deciding on workouts, races, shoes, nutrition, and many other aspects of running, and I love talking to other people about […]

  • Race Across the USA: VA-Style!

    I’ve been giving my 2015 race schedule a great deal of thought over the course of the last few weeks. My planning has been mildly complicated by the fact that the beautiful epicurean and I will be moving out to the East Coast in May for new opportunities (more on that later!). Thus, a whole […]

  • Passing the Seasonal Baton

    For most folks, early May marks the beginning (or at least hopeful beginning) of summer weather, outdoor activities, barbecues, and more comfortable outdoor running. However, for me, this time of year is also a “new year” of sorts. The spring semester is coming to a close, and the summer months are upon us. I’ve lived […]

  • Sex and Running: Endurance Activities Collide

    “Sex makes you happy. Happy people do not run a 3:47 mile.” – American Running Legend Marty Liquori The debate is as old as the Olympics themselves. What impact does sex have on athletic performance? The supposed answers are about as contradictory as any debate out there, which is in part why the subject is […]

  • Running Research to Consider

    I’ve been in school for 26 of the 34 years I’ve been alive. In many ways, who I am has been defined by my presence in the classroom for as long as I can remember. I have three degrees, two certificates, and a nice balance of general and specialized knowledge to show for my troubles. […]

  • Running to the Podiatrist

    Ok, so I didn’t actually RUN to my podiatry appointment, but I could have. The clinic is close enough but I decided they probably wouldn’t appreciate my sweaty, smelly presence in the exam room. You may be curious as to why this appointment was necessary in the first place. In all reality, “necessary” is a […]

  • Running and Body Image

    I recently read a blog post by Zoe Romano that talked about the pressures and realities of body image. She was responding in part to an earlier article written by Lauren Fleshman, who received some interesting feedback following a runway shoot in November for some running apparel. Zoe remarked on the myriad of weight-related comments she received after […]