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  • Daily Chase: Vol. 73

    Daily Chase: Vol. 73

    Phew! I feel like I blinked and the entire month of March passed before my eyes! It’s hard to believe that April Fool’s Day is on Saturday, and with it the Umstead 100 🙂 Despite an incredibly hectic work and travel schedule over the past month, I am feeling incredibly good about my training block […]

  • Race Report: Georgia Death Race- Part II

    This race is all about the elevation change. Let there be no mistake that RunBum did his best to avoid anything that even remotely resembled flat land when marking this course. He warned us from the beginning, and the reports I read from previous years confirmed the difficulty. However, in my mind, this was somewhat […]

  • Race Report: Georgia Death Race- Part I

    It’s a pretty regular occurrence at ultras for the RD to hype up the race extensively to the point of overselling the beauty, runable trails, or difficulty of the course. I’ve found these claims to be oversold more than not. This was not the case with the Georgia Death Race. I registered for this race […]

  • Daily Chase: Vol. 39

    Phew! It’s been quite a week. Rest assured that the streak is intact and all miles are present and accounted for as it currently stands. It was a whirlwind weekend traveling down to Georgia for the Georgia Death Race, and I’ve been playing catch-up since I got back. Thus, the delay in my reporting! You […]

  • Daily Chase: Vol. 38

    It is most definitely the 11th hour, and I have things as planned and organized as I possibly can before leaving for Georgia. Living on the east coast means direct flights are now much more possible, so my flight from Philly to Atlanta will be rather quick and ultimately much more convenient than attempting to […]