Chasing 42

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Daily Chase: Vol. 43

Spring has finally arrived on what appears to be a more permanent basis, and the urge to run only grows with each passing beautiful day! I can say with some degree of certainty that I’m spending considerably more time thinking about being outside running when I’m not outside running, and more time muttering “just one more mile” to myself when I am outside. When the sun is shining, the winds are light, and the temperatures are mild, the call is just so strong. The light beckons me outside and makes me think that anything is possible, and it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s also delightful to see more people outside enjoying the weather and being active after spending so many long, solitary, dark, cold mornings by myself while the few folks away simply drove by in their cars and shook their heads in disbelief. Our one year anniversary in Delaware is fast approaching, and I’m excited to see what adventures the spring and summer bring for us both!

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

Chasing42 Log: 20160415-20160419

Run: I’ve found myself running more and more two-a-days as of late, not simply for the added exercise, but because I wanted to spend more time outside. This past Sunday afternoon was no doubt the highlight of the past few days, as I spend several glorious hours out on the trails at Brandywine Creek State Park. If it wasn’t for life’s actual responsibilities, I’d probably spend all of my days out on the trail, and work remotely from a camp chair, soaking in the sun, sounds, and energy of the outdoors. I’ll have to settle for taking it in a few times a week as the #runstreak continues with gusto on a collision course with summer!



Thought: Yesterday was the Boston Marathon, which meant I was rather distracted by race updates, photos from friends, and the general energy that comes with the event. It’s even more exciting for me now that I’m living relatively close, and I’ll hopefully travel up there next year to spectate and take in the experience. I may not be running it anytime soon (not without a 20 minute marathon PR), but you can bet I’ll be enjoying it. That question of qualifying seems to be a constant back-and-forth for many folks. The race has emerged as the go-to bucket-list item for so many people as of late, and although my heart belongs on the trails, I certainly understand the draw. What I don’t understand are the folks that make counterfeit bibs and run the race illegally. It’s a sad statement on our society that the marathon needs to remind folks not to post photos of their bibs on social media, lest they are copied and printed out by cheaters. I suppose I just don’t understand what someone would get out of the experience if they didn’t qualify in the first place. For so many folks, their training all year revolves around that “A” race that will give them their qualifying time. Many people work for years towards that goal, and the marathon itself is simply a celebration of that accomplishment. There is a sense of pride in wearing that medal around your neck, and putting on that distinctive Adidas jacket, but you get none of that if you cheated to get there in the first place. If you are putting on a show, you can only be doing it for people who don’t really know you anyway, since anyone who knows you as a runner will no doubt know you never qualified for Boston. That’s simply not the kind of information you keep to yourself after a race. So, who are you really trying to impress, and is it really worth it once you get caught and are banned for life from ever actually reaching that dream? I’d go out and ask someone these questions myself, but I’m not going to be joining you on a run anytime soon if you think cheating your way into Boston is a good idea 😉 Everyone is #chasing42 in their own way, and as long as they are true to themselves and recognize that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, then I’ll always be your biggest cheerleader!

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