Daily Chase: Vol. 37

It’s race week, folks, and you know what that means. The taper gremlin has emerged from his dark hole in the recesses of my mind and situated himself squarely in my sights! I’m juggling quite a few different balls at the moment, so I haven’t been able to engage is quite as much advanced planning as possible, but I still have plenty of time to cross all my t’s and dot all my I’s as I prepare to head down to Georgia this weekend. I’m doing my best to give my legs the rest they need to they are ready to roll on Saturday morning, and I’m rolling the heck out of them. My newest torture device might be my favorite recovery tool yet, and it has quickly become something I use every single day. Meet the “rolling vice”! You can expect a full review in the near future, of course 🙂

roll recovery r8

Chasing42 Log: 20160311-20160314

Run: The streak continues as I have now entered full-on taper mode! I ventured out for a quick run after work on Friday, and it was just enough to stretch my legs. I stuck to my Saturday morning routine, but made sure to dial back my pace, pay attention to my breathing, and enjoy the trail time with friends during a “shorter” long run. On Sunday, I dialed things way back and went out for a few quick miles but nothing more, and spent extra time on rolling and stretching. Yesterday, I met a new friend for a nice, easy run around a local park as we chatted about all variety of topics.

Thought: I’m doing my best to keep the taper gremlin at bay, but it’s no easy task. I think I’ve simply been thinking about the Georgia Death Race for so long, that I’ve built it up quite a bit in my mind, and now I’m obsessing over all the details. Logistics are a strong suit for me, so this bodes well for my organization, but it also means my mind is on overdrive for extended periods of time, and stopping to take a deep breath becomes harder and harder. However, I can honestly say that I’m simply excited for the experience, no matter how the actual race goes. I’ve never run in Georgia, let alone hit the trails in North Georgia, so this is going to be a new and exciting way to keep #chasing42!


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