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Daily Chase: Vol. 34

The chase is on, and the clock is ticking closer and closer to the Georgia Death Race. I can honestly say that I’ve trained as hard or harder for this race than perhaps any other race in the past. More particularly, I’ve climbed more in this training cycle than probably the entire rest of my running experience combined. I have no idea if this will be enough and/or translate into success out on the course, but I can feel happy about my work regardless!

Chasing42 Log: 20160229- 20160303

Run; My weekday running finally feels like it’s settling into a routine a bit more this week. I’ve managed to get up early twice for a morning run before work, and have had a tad more energy throughout the day. I was able to hit the stair climber, bike, and treadmill @ 15% on Monday as well, which was great for my vertical climbing strength.

Thought: I’m not typically one to dwell on past mistakes or errors in judgement, but that doesn’t stop me from contemplating how various decisions I’ve made throughout might life might have impacted where I’m at now. It’s an interesting thought exercise to consider the ripple effect that various choices we make, both big and small, have on future aspects of our lives. I feel like it helps to give me perspective on where I’m at now, and be more conscious about being in the moment and finding contentment in where things are at, no matter how chaotic or unsettled they might feel. Lately, as life has gotten busier, I’ve found that my runs, most of which are solitary at this point, serve as an excellent mental podium for combing through the recesses of my memories and thinking about how the various deviations from the path in my life have actually become the path itself. We are often taught, especially in Western culture, to believe that we must pick a particular path for ourselves relatively early on in our lives, and then guide all of our decisions towards staying on that path. Reality, however, tends to get in the way of the best laid plans and can cause us quite a bit of discomfort if we aren’t ready for the detours. So, the goal of all of this training then isn’t just about the physical aspects, but also to keep #chasing42 and embraces the detours on the trail!

P.S. Interesting…perhaps I’m simply not at peace with the 7-10 hours a week I’m now spending in the car. I’d love to hear thoughts from folks that have found contentment with those longer daily commutes!


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2 thoughts on “Daily Chase: Vol. 34

  1. Christy L. on said:

    When we were in Norfolk, I had long commute times due to traffic. I listened to podcasts or audiobooks. I learned to appreciate it, because it was a time I could listen or “read” when that time to do that was really hard to find. Audiobooks and podcasts don’t work for me as well while running, but they are perfect for the car.

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