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Daily Chase: Vol. 29

For many, the weekend is an opportunity to relax, travel, or catch up on any of a number of interests or hobbies. When Saturday rolls around, the first thing on my mind always seems to be the extra time I get to spend hitting the roads and trails. On this particular weekend, I was flying solo, as the epicurean had traveled back to her alma mater for a career day presentation. As it happened, she was equally in her element with the joy of spending all day talking to others about her passion for her profession.

Chasing42 Log: 20160220 & 20160221

Run: I ventured out early on Saturday morning and returned to one of my favorite loop past Vice President Biden’s house. I was able to squeeze in some good mileage before heading into work for the day. The beautiful sunshine and near 60 degree weather made it easy to head out for a second run afterwards as well. On Sunday, I ended up waking up much earlier than normal and I wound my way out to Winterthur and back and I had the morning to myself. All in all, it was a gorgeous weekend!

It was a wild Sunday morning!

It was a wild Sunday morning!

Thought: This winter may very well be an anomaly, not to mention an el nino year, but it’s still amazing to me how quickly my weather standards have changed. I’ve still only found myself needing to trade out my shorts for pants a handful of times, and I fear my might be getting soft. However, the reality is that my change of scenery has meant some pretty substantial changes to my training all around and I’m continuing to discover just what it means to be #chasing42!


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