Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 28

I’m pretty sure I blinked and this week completely passed me by. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. The temperatures finally found a more happy medium above freezing, the rain stopped, our power outages were minor, and I was able to establish a bit more of a consistent running schedule. Amidst it all, it was certainly a busy week in the running world, what with the Olympic Trials Marathon, numerous other big-ticket races, and many of my own dreams about all of the races I hope to run one day. For now, however, I’ll focus my attention on the races I’m registered to run 🙂

Chasing42 Log: 20160215-20160219

Run: Aside from some lovely freezing rain and snow early in the week, my daily runs were all nice and dry, and things warmed up as the week went on. I was able to squeeze in some mid-week speed work, and I’m still focusing my efforts on vertical gain, which is nice from a consistency standpoint.

Thought: I’ve somehow persisted with my reluctance to get up earlier in the morning during the week to allow for more training time, and it has reached a breaking point of sorts now that my schedule is in full swing. It has become pretty evident to me that things aren’t going to slow down, so if I want the miles and core training, then I need to actually wake up to the earlier alarms I have been setting for myself every morning (and subsequently hitting snooze). Are there any night owls out there that have figured out how to get up early to train? I’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s just one more way I continue #chasing42!


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