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Daily Chase: Vol. 27

The hectic schedule continues, but I was able to take some time away over the weekend to “enjoy” a bit of new (to me) trail running. Saying that this first winter in Delaware has been mild would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, I’ve only needed to bust out a pair of tights or pants a handful of times as of yet, and it’s been glorious. It has also meant not acclimating to the cold winter temperatures nearly as quickly as in previous years in Iowa. I finally received my rude awakening this past weekend!

Chasing42 Log: 20160213 & 20160214

Run: On Saturday, I made the short drive just outside Baltimore for the Mid-Maryland 50K. It just so happened this this was the first truly cold snap we’ve had this year, which added an interesting layer to the race. The temps were low, the winds were raging, and the tree cover was minimal with all of the foliage down. The result was a chilly, challenging race on a 10K loop. It took me a good long while to thaw out afterwards, but it was a great race overall and I was definitely happy to have made the trip down as a tune up for the Georgia Death Race in a month! On Sunday, I stretched my legs closer to home but still got in some quality miles to close out the week. Expect a more detailed race report as soon as I get a chance to sit down and right it 🙂

Thought: With Valentine’s Day this past weekend, I had the chance to give some more thought to the nature of this commercialized holiday with a very sorted past. Without spending too much time on my soapbox, I’ll boil down my thinking to one key point. I love my partner every day, and find new and exciting things to love about her with each passing year. My goal, or one of them in this relationship, is to honor and celebrate that love as frequently as possible. There should never be any question in her mind how I feel about her, and it certainly shouldn’t come down to a single day and a bunch of cheap chocolates and grocery store roses (no offense if you went that route!). I’ll leave things at that- it’s all key as we continue #chasing42!

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