Chasing 42

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Daily Chase: Vol. 26

The pace of life is an interesting thing. We all have ups and downs in our schedules. However, this past week marked the start of a new teaching position, complete with several new class preps. For those of you that know what that means, you know that I’ve got my hands full. Luckily, I like life busy, and the training and teaching will definitely keep me in a constant state of flux!

Chasing42 Log: 20160210 – 20160212

Run: I kept my streak alive despite a crazy busy first week of classes. I might be sadistically in love with the short, steep hill I found out at Winterthur, so I managed to make that a part of my daily run on several different occasions. The temps began to finally dip into the winter zone, which meant bundling up a bit more, but I’m certainly used to it after my time in Iowa. I didn’t get the mileage I thought I should have, but I definitely got the mileage I needed leading up to the Mid-Maryland 50K on Saturday.

Thought: Sometimes you need a forced taper to remind you to dial back the mileage every so often and give your legs a chance to truly recover. I’ve been hitting the training pretty hard for quite a while, and I probably haven’t been scaling things back every few weeks as consistently as I should have been. This week’s crazy schedule left me no choice, and ended up being perfect timing for a seemingly restful week (you know, aside from all the other craziness!). Sometimes #chasing42 means slowing down and playing the long game.

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