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Daily Chase: Vol. 25

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned during my #chasing42runstreak is just how creative you can get with a simple mile. There are days when I would otherwise be resting, and I’m simply going out to get my mile in. Sometimes that means an easy run around the block, but sometimes that means seeing what I can explore in a short period of time. We’ve all been out on runs and looked to the left or right and wondered what was down that path, up that hill, down that hill, or through those trees. The joy of targeting a single mile is deciding that you can dedicate your run to answering those questions and see what the experience is like. Whether you are running a mile or 20, give yourself permission to answer those questions. Sure, it make change your pace and you may get your shoes a bit dirtier, but you’ll be stronger and happier for it!

Chasing42 Log: 20160208 & 20160209

Run: My run last night was all about that exploration. It was my first day back teaching and I was energized after a great couple of classes. I headed back to Winterthur to pick the epicurean up, and decided to go a bit early and do some of that exploring. I drive past a pretty substantial hill every time I pick her up, but I’d yet to truly “bond” with it. My current focus on vertical gain made trying it out the perfect solution for my  needed mile. The hill was no joke, and I squeezed in more gain in a mile than I have in a long time. I’ll no doubt toss this hill into future workouts, or perhaps see how many repeats I can do before my legs fall off! My run this morning was much different, but quite pleasant as I stayed close to home amid the falling snow 🙂

Not bad for a mile!

Not bad for a mile!

Thought: I’m a huge fan of Altra shoes, and they have become my go-to shoes for a number of different scenarios. Their #zerolimits mantra resonated with me even more last night. So often, we find ourselves limited by the roads set before us and that often means missing out on a lot of the world around us. However, if we can start seeing new roads in every direction, and take the plunge, the opportunities before us are immense. There truly are #zerolimits when you are #chasing42!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Chase: Vol. 25

  1. That’s the trick though right keeping yourself motivated and excited to run. Exploring is one of the ways! keep up the great running

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