Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 23

At this point, I’m looking for hills on just about every run I take, which has meant pushing my body a bit harder than I have in the past. I’m all the more cognizant of the importance of sleep, stretching, and foam-rolling, and I’m doing my best to tackle all three with the same mental toughness as I do my runs. Do you take the time to care for your body in those three ways? Do you have any tricks for reminding yourself of just how important each aspect of your training is on a daily basis? Feel free to share as I’m always open to suggestions!

Chasing42 Log: 20160204 & 20160205

Run: My jaunts on Thursday and Friday were more about squeezing in the miles amidst a busy schedule. I made the late-night trek home from Winterthur on Thursday and logged a few hill repeats at Winterthur on Friday. The weather has continued to hold up nicely, so getting the body moving is always a plus!

Thought: I’ve been thinking a lot about my running and training schedule in the context of a soon-to-change schedule. I’ll begin teaching at the University of Delaware on Monday (today), so my time will be at much more of a premium, and I would imagine I’ll have to get even more creative with my routes and timing. It’s another challenge I’m looking forward to as I continue #chasing42!


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