Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 19

I’ve been thinking more lately about setting goals. I’m working on solidifying my 2016 race schedule with regard to the larger races, and I have far more races on my list than I could ever run (or afford). The ability to prioritize and contextualize is quite important, whether it be choosing races that fit into your life, or making most other life decisions. Ideally, everything to do works together to create a more complete life experience. There are always pieces of the puzzle missing, but those are simply the blank tiles that make your personal scrabble board that much more interesting.

Chasing42 Log: 20160129

Run: Some runs are simply doomed from the get-go and Friday’s run might have been just that. I had planned to run immediately after work but plans changed so I drove home first and laced up. I had mentally prepared for a longer run, but from a predetermined destination, and when that plan shifted, I adjusted my expectations. However, a quick inadvertent step in a large icy puddle, followed by a giant rock in my shoe sent a clear signal on this particular cold, dark night that I should finish up and head home.

Thoughts: Goals are a strange beast. Sometimes I consider the possibility that I ultimately set goals for all aspects of my life, even when not required. They are often arbitrary, but once I’ve mentally committed to a plan, my mind focuses until the outcome has been realized. This is a fantastic quality when it comes to achieving larger accomplishments, but can get in the way when it comes to day-to-day goals, where circumstances can change quickly. What’s even more odd is that I only find myself setting those stringent day-to-day goals at certain times, while easily going with the flow in others. My mind is a strange place, and I’ve never claimed it to be anything but…I suppose that’s why I keep #chasing42!

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