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Daily Chase: Vol. 14

I suppose I’ve been chasing Jonas for the past few days. It has been strange experiencing the first real snowfall of the season in January, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t become just a tad complacent. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed running in shorts in January, and looking on from afar as the midwest and other parts of the country experience more extreme weather conditions. However, there’s something a bit comforting about the first big snowfall of the year and the nesting the comes with it!

Chasing42 Log: 20160121-20160123

Run: The Jonas Blizzard seemed to be a rather distracting element of meteorological chaos. On Thursday, I took the opportunity to wind my way around the Winterthur grounds and squeeze in as many hill repeats as I could. The next day, I hopped out after work to knock out a few miles before Jonas hit. On Saturday morning, the blizzard was in full swing so I bundled up and headed out to run loops around the neighborhood. It was more like hiking through water, and it felt like three times as many miles, but it made for a great workout. So did the several hours of shoveling and the trainer ride in the basement. A little snow isn’t going to disrupt this streak 🙂

Thought: These past few days have offered me a unique opportunity for a case study of Delawarean winter weather preparedness. The mild winter we’ve had thus far has allowed me to almost forget what I left behind (almost!). However, I knew the cold, snow, and wind was coming eventually and so it did. We are still in the throes of Jonas as I type, so it remains to be seen just how well the state and surrounding area handles it. There’s a lot to learn from the clean up!


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