Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 13

The journey to and from work is the most common line of travel for many folks during the week. We know the route inside and out, can recognize landmarks, and are aware of slight delays due to various traffic or weather situations. Over the past two days, I’ve been reminded to look around at the route in a new way, and notice things I wouldn’t otherwise give my attention. This is an exercise many of us can benefit from as we go about our daily lives. We take for granted all too often that which we have accepted as normal, ordinary, or expected. There is plenty to be learned in observing the ordinary and remembering just how subjective the concept of “normal” really is for each of us.

Chasing42 Log: 20160119 & 20160120

Run: I each day, I opted to run home after dropping off the epicurean at Winterthur in the morning. I added in some hill repeats on the grounds, and made sure to finally bundle up for weather relatively worthy of the pants and jacket I busted out of the closet.

Thought: The idea of run-commuting intrigues me on a number of levels. I’ve read plenty of stories of folks who build it into their days in order to get their training mileage in, and to accommodate an already busy work and life schedule. Although my work life is still in flux as I take on multiple opportunities, I’d like to find myself in a stable enough place so that I can give it a go and see just how it works out. The potential exists for me to be close enough to work longterm that we wouldn’t need an extra car, and the facilities may very well be at my disposal to shower at work, so I’ll be doing more research and giving it a thorough analysis. Do you run-commute? Do you know somehow who does? I’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations for gear and process. It certainly seems like a fun way to keep #chasing42!


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