Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 12

There is plenty to think about, and plenty to do today, in observance of MLK Jr. Day. For those of you that have the day off, I would challenge you to look for opportunities to educate yourself on the issues facing this country. Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, poverty, and educational divides are all tearing that the threads that hold our country together. When you head out for a run or workout today, use that time in the zone to think about what matters do you, what you need to know more about, and how you can better inform yourself as a citizen. Engagement in the future of this country must take place more than once every 4 years. You wouldn’t head out the door for one solitary run and consider yourself ready for a race (well, some folks might!), so why would you limit your social engagement so drastically?

Chasing42 Log: 20160118

Run: As a typical rest day, I popped outside in the chilly morning air for a quick run before retreating to the warmth for my morning coffee. I busted out a pair of running pants and a jacket for the first time today, which felt a bit strange, but it was still nothing like the negative temps our friends back in Iowa and Minnesota are experiencing. Stay warm and stay safe out there, friends!

Thought: Endurance is mental and physical. This is something that every endurance athlete recognizes pretty quickly as they begin to wrap their head around some of the longer distances on the race schedule. Goals get bigger, dreams expand, and passion powers us through some of the darker times. At the heart of everything is a level of commitment that has the ability to overcome quite a bit. However, that passion, commitment, and endurance is minute when compared to that of the many social justice leaders, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who sacrificed everything for something they believed in. We are much further from realizing Dr. King’s dream than anyone could have predicted 50 years ago, but the work continues and it is only through both mental and physical endurance that we will make the changes that are so badly needed in this country. So, as you get set to train for your next race, remember that you have the ability to commit that level of passion and endurance to other aspects in your life and issues that will change the world for the better. As athletes, we have an insight into what it feels like to push ourselves past a breaking point and keep pushing. It’s that level of commitment that is required to achieve so many other goals within the social justice movement. With the election season upon us, it could not be more clear how substantial the ideological divide is in this country. As passions heat up, the real contest begins. We are at mile 90 in this country, and the last 10 miles are anything but a victory lap. Keep pushing, keep speaking up, keep learning, keep educating, keep believing, and keep #chasing42!

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