Chasing 42

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Daily Chase: Vol. 8

Hello darkness, my old friend. It was another dusk into darkness run, but I think I’ve reached the point where my inability to chase down daylight is an acceptable reality. I feel lucky each and every day I have the opportunity to lace up my shoes and head outside, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m still wearing shorts in January!

The colors were simply incredible as the sun went down! #nofilter

The colors were simply incredible as the sun went down! #nofilter

Chasing42 Log: 20160114

Run: I was able to head about after work and pick up some local hills to add a bit of elevation. My left knee had been feeling a bit strange earlier in the day, but my run felt great. I maintained a comfortable pace and enjoyed the darkness, even as my headlamp died.

Thought: I started thinking about how I share my runs now that the Daily Chase is up and running (pun intended!). The intent was always simply to share something interesting about the run on each particular day, and confirm that my streak is still in play. However, the exact distance is not nearly as relevant, and sharing those numbers in a more public forum isn’t necessarily in keeping with my running values and beliefs. Folks can always check out my Strava page if they want to know specifics, but this space is more about the various thoughts, stories, issues, and events that emerge in my running life. So, you can expect not to see any particular numbers moving forward, but simply confirmation that I got out there for yet another day. Hopefully you laced up your shoes as well and enjoyed all the benefits that running has to offer. It really doesn’t matter how far you went. It merely matters that you went. Keep #chasing42!


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