Chasing 42

Life, the Universe, & Running

Daily Chase: Vol. 2

All good habits are formed through repetition, right? Day 49 of my streak is in the books and I was reminded this morning of just how much energy a morning run gives me for the remainder of the day, no matter the distance! Friday has typically been a rest day for me so tossing in a few miles representing a compromise of sorts. However, I’m looking at this streak as an opportunity to further train my body to handle the miles I wish to put on it and I’m hoping my efforts will results in even more race success in the upcoming year. I’m still working on my full race calendar for 2016, but I can already tell that living on the east coast is going to mean far more opportunities than time or money to tackle them. Not a bad position to be in, eh? 🙂

Chasing 42 Log: 20160108

Run: I logged 2.12 miles around the neighborhood to start the day. My legs were feeling fresh and energetic after last night’s run, and the crispness in the air effectively roused me from my morning stupor!

Thought: What motivates you? What drives you to do what you do? Are you pushed along by those around you, or have you always been internally driven to accomplish the things in your life that matter most? These questions are crucial to long-term success and happiness (as a runner and in most other pursuits), so take some time and consider them!

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