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Daily Chase: Inaugural Entry

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s certainly been a hectic holiday season full of family, friends, and plenty of running. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my latest 100 mile adventure in an upcoming post. However, I wanted to send out a quick update/announcement in the meantime. I decided once again to understand the Runner’s World #RWRunStreak and run all 37 days between Thanksgiving and New Years. In reality, I began my streak with the JFK 50 Miler on November 21st, and just kept going. However, I made the decision last week that I would take a stab at a longer running streak. I’ve often read about folks extending streaks out over multiple years, and I’ve been intrigued by the consistency involved. Lots of “life” events can get in the way, which makes such an undertaking difficult, even if I am only running a mile or two each day to continue the streak.

So, the streak shall continue and I will do my best to provide relatively consistent daily updates, i.e. the “Daily Chase”, as a means of added accountability. Additionally, as I often have quite the barrage of random thoughts while on runs, and throughout the day in general, I thought it would be fun to add a small tidbit of daily running-related commentary, news, or an interesting thought/question bouncing around in my head. You may find some days far more interesting than others, but I’ll do my best always have something at the ready 🙂

Chasing42 Log: 20160107

Run: 7.2 miles home from Winterthur. It was “new shoe” day so I broke in a new pair of Montrail Fluidflex IIs. It was a tad cooler than it has been, but I was still comfortable in shorts. My legs felt great, and I’d say are at 100% again following ATY.

Thought: Most of my run home was in the dark, which got me thinking about visibility and running on the roads. I noticed a runner running with traffic, which always makes me nervous. She had on some reflective apparel, but it was quite dark. I’m always sure to cover myself in reflective clothing and a headlamp strong enough to be mistaken for a headlight. I also found myself thinking about how annoyed I get with drivers who try to be nice and let me cross even when it isn’t in keeping with proper right-of-way. I understand the sentiment, but if they are the only one electing to break traffic etiquette, then they are just as likely to cause an accident. I always appreciate the sentiment, and wave accordingly, but if everyone just followed traffic laws (and more importantly, knew them!), there wouldn’t be nearly as much to worry about. Happy and safe running out there, all! Keep chasing42 🙂

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