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Want to be a Race Reviewer? (Your answer should be yes!)

I love reading race reviews. The number of ultramarathons, marathons and half marathons has grown a great deal in recent years, and all other distances are on the rise as well. People love running, and they love hearing about other people running. With so many races competing for our time and money, it makes sense to learn as much about the race as possible before pulling the trigger and adding it to your schedule.

More people are running and racing now than ever before!

More people are running and racing now than ever before!

I also enjoy writing reviews once I’ve completed races. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the experience, think about what I enjoyed and what I didn’t, and make mental notes for my next race. With each race I run and review, I get a better idea of my ideal race conditions (time, location, distance, aid, numbers, etc.), which in turn helps me plan a lot better for future races.

Photo Credit: Runner's World

Photo Credit: Runner’s World

I have enough friends that would echo my comments, and I thought it would be nice to give them an opportunity to review a race as well. Not everyone has the time to maintain a full-fledged blog, but many more folks would enjoy the opportunity to reflect back on their latest race, no matter the outcome. As such, I’m officially opening up Chasing 42 to guest bloggers that would be interested in reviewing races I am not fortunate enough to attend but would love to hear about…and hopefully others would as well!

So, if you just got back from a race, are heading off to a race, or are planning your race schedule for the future, I’d love to hear from you. Runners of all abilities and races of all distances are welcome and encouraged. The goal is to make this blog a one-stop shop for race reports in Iowa, around the country, and around the world! Feel free to fill out the embedded form, click on the race report page, or navigate up to the Race Reports header above. I can’t wait to hear from you- keep chasing!


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