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Updates to my Running Life

My taper is in full effect, the semester is winding down and I’m finishing up my teaching responsibilities for the semester, we are getting ready for the holidays, and I’m looking ahead to running in the new year, while not losing sight of my upcoming journey Across the Years! Needless to say, I’ve got a wide range of running-related thoughts on my mind, so consider this a sampling of what’s going on in my head and on my feet!

1. Montrail Fluid Flex– NEW SHOES 🙂 I think I might have a shoe problem. Hello, my name is Adam, and I own a lot of running shoes. The most recent addition to my running shoe family was the Montrail Fluid Flex. I had been looking at these earlier in the year, and even tried them on before going with the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 instead. However, these are excellent light weight trail runners and perfect for the upcoming wintry weather. I’ll be able to easily add them to the rotation with my Altra Lone Peak and Altra Provision 1.5’s. Against my better judgement, I’ll probably disclose the full extent of my running shoe addiction in a later post. However, I should point out that recent research supports the idea that rotating shoes is good for your feet! 

Montrail Fluid Flex-1

2. Reading- Once A Runner: I’m only a few chapters into this book, but already thoroughly enjoying it, and looking forward to tearing through it rather quickly. I also recently finished Relentless Forward Progress and was impressed with the practicality and wealth of information it provided. It’s definitely a must-have resource for ultrarunners!

Once A Runner

3. Planning: I’m trying to nail down my spring race schedule, and looking at some fantastic races, and distances from 13.1 to 100. Of course, I need to keep my work schedule, finances, and sanity in mind, but you can expect a calendar announcement in the upcoming weeks as well. 

4. Running with a Tire: I live in Iowa. It’s flat in Iowa. I clearly need to train with a tire this winter. That is all.

So, what running-related thoughts are on your mind? What races are you thinking about? What exciting holiday plans do you have and how will you be sneaking away for a quick run?

Stay warm and keep moving!

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5 thoughts on “Updates to my Running Life

  1. Loved “Once A Runner.” Enjoy!

  2. My only running thought is that I just got back into a groove in my exercise routine only to find out (today) that I have strep throat. I guess it is better to get this out of my system during the off season, but it is rather frustrating. Are you still doing hot yoga to help keep you balanced?

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