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My SF Chronicles: Loving the Bay Bridge

After making the Golden Gate Bridge a priority, I found myself much more open to exploring other areas of the city. Having ventured west the day before, I figured I would venture east towards the Bay Bridge. Although perhaps not as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge is no less impressive. Along the way, feeling more comfortable being in the city itself, I was able to take in the public art that San Francisco has to offer as well.

Nothing but love for SF art!

Nothing but love for SF art!

One of my favorite aspects of running in a new city and exploring the area is keeping an eye out for the various forms of art that the city has decided to incorporate into the urban landscape. Public art is certainly not unique to urban areas, but larger metropolitan areas seem to have a flair for pushing the boundaries of cultural expectation. At the same time, cities like San Francisco have served as canvases for some of the history’s greatest artists and those still trying to craft a legacy for themselves.




I made my way from the hotel down to entrance of the bridge, and passed some amazing artwork along the way. When I got down to the shore, the view was just as impressive as I was hoping it would be. The whole area was teeming with runners, families out for a walk, and other tourists who had come down to capture pictures of the bridge, as well as the public art in the area. I ran along the running path following the shoreline in either direction to get a sense of the area, and even stumbled across two wedding parties and a couple that appeared to be taking engagement photos.



As with my first run, the other defining feature of my route, aside from the scenery, was the hills. The elevation chart below my route should speak for itself. I would like to say that my legs were starting to acclimate to the elevation changes, but I’m pretty sure I would have needed several more weeks before I truly grew accustomed to the inclines. However, the buzz of the traffic along the Embarcadero, combined with the visual stimulation of diverse faces and locations, was enough to keep my adrenaline pumping long after I returned to the hotel for a delicious sushi dinner!


Bay Bridge Run 2013-05-08 at 8.52.08 PM


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3 thoughts on “My SF Chronicles: Loving the Bay Bridge

  1. This makes me miss SF and want to go visit my sister…soon!! I’ve been awaiting pictures of Lombard Street…did you run that “hill”??? Thanks for allowing me to reminisce through your adventures!!

  2. The pictures of Lombard Street are coming- don’t worry! 🙂

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