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And the Oscar goes to…

The Academy Awards may be over, complete with awkward jokes by Seth McFarland, the return of Barbara Streisand, the triumphs of Daniel Day-Lewis, Argo, and Ang Lee, and the graceful fall of Jennifer Hudson. However, you can of course explore the winning films in far greater detail in the coming months as they are released to DVD/Blue-Ray, Redbox, and Netflix. Perhaps you enjoy popping in a movie while counting out the miles on the treadmill or bike trainer? However, maybe you are looking for some additional motivation as you start solidifying your spring and fall training/race schedule.

There is no shortage of inspirational running movies out there, so I thought I’d share a few that seem to rise to the top on a multitude of “best” lists. They each bring different elements of inspiration to the table, and span multiple generations as well. No matter what your interest in watching them might be, they are certainly worth the time- whether with a water bottle and Gu, or a bowl of popcorn!

Forrest Gump

Chariots of Fire




Spirit of the Marathon

Without Limits


There is no shortage of “Top” lists for running movies as well, so feel free to explore the lists below:

Now, when these movies aren’t quite inspiring enough, and you want to go further, longer, and harder- Running the Sahara. After watching this movie, the beautiful epicurean needed to restrain me from planning a cross-country run!

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