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T & T Chronicles: Oceanfront Running in Tobago

I’m sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the updates on my much-anticipated trip to Trinidad and Tobago. This was my first experience with international travel and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Thus, the next several posts will be dedicated to a more in-depth running recap of our week in the Caribbean. After the cold and snow this winter has brought, 85-degree temperatures and sunshine provided a well-timed week of relief!

Tobago FAW

Two of our first days were spent on Trinidad’s sister island of Tobago. Despite being so close, the two islands have very distinct cultures and natural wonders. We took a quick 20-minute flight over and set up shop in a small hotel near the airport, and more importantly, the beach! We of course immediately dropped off our bags and headed for the beach, and it did not disappoint.

Good morning, Tobago!

Good morning, Tobago!

The sand was clean and smooth, the water was a beautiful shade of blue, and small boats and glass-bottom tour boats lined the shore. Small bars, and homegrown food vendors were everywhere, and we definitely ate our way around both islands quite thoroughly. You can check out the upcoming posts from the beautiful epicurean for reports on our culinary adventures. The roads were quite narrow and the drivers quite agressive, so if I wasn’t running on a path, beach, or sidewalk, I wasn’t running!



I normally cringe at getting up early to head out the door for a run in January, but that was far from the case in Tobago. I was out the door by 7AM, and I of course headed straight for the beach. I ran past the beach on Store Bay, and down to Pigeon Point. This is a private beach that usually requires an admission fee, but the beach didn’t open until 9AM, and the security guard let me run in and explore. I pretty much had the entire beach area to myself and it was absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen such beautiful views and I felt as though I was on a completely different world. As I ran down along the beach and looked out into the Caribbean Sea, I was pretty sure I could have stayed there forever and run the same route. I’m sure it would have gotten old eventually, but at the time, I couldn’t imagine when.


I did eventually leave my beach-front view and ventured further inland to explore the island a bit more. One of the main reasons I love running in a new location so much is the visual stimulation in the environment around. Tobago did not disappoint  and I soaked in the scenes. Everything from small store fronts to children in uniforms heading to school to the daily hustle of the beginning of the work day caught my eye as I made my way.



I made it back to the hotel to shower, and head out for a wonderful day relaxing on the beach and exploring the Buccoo Reef in a glass bottom boat. If only every run and every day could be so wonderful 🙂 Stay tuned for the next installment of the T & T Chronicles!

Coconut Bake & Flying Fish- a perfect T & T breakfast treat after a hard run!

Coconut Bake & Flying Fish- a perfect T & T breakfast treat after a hard run!

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2 thoughts on “T & T Chronicles: Oceanfront Running in Tobago

  1. Thanks for the wonderful photos – I feel warmer already.

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