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Signing Off for Trinidad & Tobago

It’s cold. I won’t even attempt to sugar coat that statement. If you currently live in the midwest, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Since I moved to Iowa in 2005, winters have been rather hit or miss. At times, it’s been unbelievably mild, and at other times bitterly cold. The presence of ridiculous amounts of wind has, however, been a constant. I can thank the complete lack of anything to break the wind on the landscape for that fact. Thus, the timing could not be better for a vacation.

We'll spend time on both islands!

We’ll spend time on both islands!

The beautiful epicurean and I share a love of travel, as you’ve no doubt picked up on. We’ve been planning a trip to Trinidad and Tobago for some time now, partly as a belated honeymoon, and partly as a wonderful opportunity to visit one of her good friends. After months of planning and organizing, the time to depart is finally here! This will be my first taste of international travel and I’m extremely excited for the chance to finally use my passport.

I may get lost in the water!

I may get lost in the water!

We have a jam-packed itinerary (with plenty of relaxing built in as well- don’t worry!), and we are going to experience all that T & T have to offer. I plan to do a good share of running while on the islands as well, and I’m definitely pumped for some new challenges and to shake up my training! Our internet access (and time) will be limited for the next week, so this is my bon voyage to each of you. I’ll no doubt have plenty of stories, pictures, and adventures to report on upon my return and I look forward to sharing them with you.

How could you not love running with a backdrop like this?

How could you not love running with a backdrop like this?

I hope each of you has the chance to find your own escape this winter, whether it is to a tropical island or your own local sanctuary. The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter, so hang in there!

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2 thoughts on “Signing Off for Trinidad & Tobago

  1. happy for you two (just a bit jealous)

    the mantra “every step of journey is the journey” seems appropriate… enjoy everyone!
    as the thermometer hovers at a balmy 7 degrees F I’m thinking… will the appeal of Team Vardo comradeship be enough to get me to today’s run

  2. Have a great time Adam!

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