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The Halloween Run: A Yearly Tradition!

As I’ve shared on numerous occasions, one of the main reasons I fell in love with running was the group of friends I run with on a regular basis. We come together several times a week, from different walks of life, different jobs, different backgrounds, different ages, and we head out to share the road, and share our stories and our lives along the way. No matter how crazy or busy or exhausting my day has been, I always look forward to getting together with the group of friends and bounding out a few miles.

One of my favorite group traditions is the Halloween run we organize every year. We all converge on city hall in our costumes (or select from a wide variety of costumes provided by an amazing friend!), prepared to run down one of the main roads in the city just as everyone is leaving work and heading home. The site of 20 or so runners in costume running down the road always brings a smile to peoples’ faces, as well as plenty of exuberant honks and hollers!

Although it had only been a few days since my 50 mile race, and my legs were still quite sore, there was no way I was going to miss this run. So, I laced up my shoes, pulled over my costume, and celebrated Halloween in true running style! How can you not smile when you see a group like this? 🙂

A great group by any definition!

Maybe all runs should look like this?

I enjoyed my costume this year! Do kids still play with these?

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