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Remembering to Rest…and Live

This past Tuesday, I was scheduled to run 9 miles at a half marathon pace. Up until this point, I have stuck to my running schedule religiously, and have been quite proud of my consistency. There is something about putting it down on paper that makes me commit that much more than I normally would. However, this was not your average Tuesday. On this particular Tuesday, the beautiful epicurean and I happened to be getting married! Thus, as I woke up to my alarm and looked over at my bride-to-be, I had a moment of clarity. Aside from the fact that this day would end as the happiest day of my life, I was also reminded that I am not only a runner. I have a full and complicated life, a busy life, and a rewarding life. That means that sometimes it’s ok to take an extra day off and enjoy the other aspects of my life. The benefits speak for themselves. My schedule is intense and giving my legs an extra day of healing proved to be an excellent decision. Rest matters.

More than the rest, however, was the opportunity to fully be in the moment that was a beautiful day. We all have facets of our lives that motivate us and push us to be more than we are at any given time. For me, the beautiful epicurean is just that. I run for myself and I run because I enjoy it, but I find a great deal of the energy to keep doing it in the love and support I receive from her. She understands my passion and the importance it has in my life. She could see from the beginning that my running made me a better person, a happier person, and she has always encouraged me to be that person. At the end of a long run or a race, she always seems to know whether to engage me in conversation and support me, or just let me be by myself for a bit. She gets it, and she gets me.

As luck would have it, marrying her is the most significant endurance event I will ever enter, and we will tackle it together. We will enjoy the highs and lows, continue to set PRs, and push ourselves past what we think we are capable of, because we both know we have each other to lean on. She may not be right next to me on every run, but she is with me. She is the best running partner anyone could ever ask for.

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