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Chasing 42 Across Iowa: RAGBRAI 2012

This year has been great for my running confidence. I’ve run further, longer, and faster than I ever have before, and I’ve felt great along the way. There is no question that I love running now more than I ever have before. A consequence of that running, however, has been a somewhat less enthusiast training commitment to cycling. I’ve actually run twice as many miles as I have biked this year, if that tells you anything.

This lack of saddle time has me a tad apprehensive as I get packed and ready to head to Sioux Center, IA on Saturday for the start of RAGBRAI 2012. Since the first summer I moved to Iowa, I have been hearing about this bike ride across Iowa, and the descriptions have ranged from arduous to intoxicated to, well… get the picture. Needless to say, my curiosity was peaked from the beginning, and this year I’ve committed myself to riding. Despite the wealth of information on the internet concerning this Iowa tradition, I’m still chasing down quite a few unknowns:

1. Will my butt hold up? This ride may give chaffing a new meaning for me…but I’m prepared with my Butt Butter!

2. Will my legs hold up? I’ve mentioned before that running ultra marathons doesn’t translate into cycling endurance, and my endurance will certainly be put to the test over the course of the next week, with daily miles ranging from 45 to 100 miles. For the record, the mileage most days will still be longer than I’ve previously ridden at one time…hmmm…..

3. Will my body hold up in the heat? The midwest is having record heat and drought, and next week promises to be more of the same with highs in the mid to upper 90’s all week šŸ˜¦

Despite these unknowns, I couldn’t be more excited to be going with a great group of friends, and everything I’ve been told leads me to believe that the hospitality in each town is second to none. I’m looking forward to eating some delicious food along the way, and meeting some new friends on the road. With 20,000 or so riders, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to tell!

So, let the pie, fun, and riding begin!

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3 thoughts on “Chasing 42 Across Iowa: RAGBRAI 2012

  1. I hope you are having a great first couple of days!! I’m excited to get to ride with you on Wednesday!! Stay hydrated!!

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