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The Best Idea I Ever Forgot

Once, while I was running, I crafted a full-proof plan for world peace. On another run, I came up with a plan to balance the budget and end partisan politics. Unfortunately, by the time I finished these runs, the blood had drained from my brain, and I had forgotten them both. I kid you not…it happened!

These are merely two of a myriad of brilliant ideas that have come to me during runs. Ever since I unplugged my iPod and began running with only the sounds of the world around me, my mind has been a whirlwind. I could make up a tale about these moments being a perfect storm of running circumstances to produce flashes of brilliance, but the reality is that there is no real rhyme or reason to these serendipitous events. It might be extremely cold or miserably hot. I might be out by myself in the early morning or with a large group in the evening. I could be running on an empty country road, or through a city park. The only common denominator between all of these brilliant ideas is that they are gone by the time I get home.  I suppose it makes sense that these thoughts would pop into my head during runs, considering the number of hours I spend on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis running.

Think about it…you’ve probably had a plethora of brilliant flashes yourself. Dig deep into your mind, feel around in your subconscious (although don’t get too nosey…this isn’t a counseling session) and you’ll probably sense the faint glimmer of brilliance. It’s like trying to remember a dream as you are waking up from a deep sleep. What begins with clarity ends with fragmented emotion and instinct.

Now, just think how much better our civilization would be if runners could harness these thoughts, document them, and put them into action. The numbers are astounding, and there’s really no limit to what we could accomplish. Let’s face it- runners are the untapped solution to all of humanity’s greatest problems. If we could somehow tap into this brain power and utilize the collective energy of every runner and every hour they run, when our bodies are doing nothing else and we are left to our own thoughts, there is no limit to what might happen. We could cure cancer, solve the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, fix the economy, find a respectable candidate for the Republican party, curb childhood obesity, end poverty and disease in 3rd world countries, and fix the environment so we still have a planet to run on in 100 years.

Or, maybe we’d just come up with more clever cat memes and uses for bacon.

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