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New Goal: Become A Maniac!

Despite what you might be thinking based solely on the title, I”m not referring to having myself committed. However, as I was doing some more research and reading other running-related blogs, I came across a great blog entitled Frayed Laces, and the author mentioned joining Marathon ManiacsI had seen this group referenced previously on a race page, but hadn’t thought much about it. However, after seeing the group name again, I headed over to their website to read about them.

As it turns out, the group is comprised of awesomely motivated and dedicated marathon and ultra-marathon runners who compete in absurd numbers of races in very short periods of time. The criteria for entrance begins with running either 2 marathons in 14 days or 3 marathons in 90 days (Bronze Level) all the way up to running 52 marathons in 365 days, running 30 marathons in 30 states/provinces/countries in 365 days, or running a marathon in 20 countries in 365 days (Titanium level). Although it shouldn’t surprise me, it was still hard to get my head around the idea of someone attaining the Titanium level, but of course, there are those that have done it.

Photo Credit: Marathon Maniacs

My running insanity hasn’t reached Titanium levels just yet (and probably never will) but the opportunity to be a part of a group that includes such dedicated athletes is certainly enough to make me shoot for Bronze level status this fall.

This decision, coupled with the flooding in Duluth recently, is going to narrow down my race selection a bit. I now have the added motivation of working towards maniac status as well!

My addiction to running has reached the point where I sometimes feel like a maniac, so I suppose it’s only fitting that I get the piece of paper to prove it!

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