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Racing Choices: I can’t run them all!

The hot weather, combined with an as-yet uncertain race schedule in the fall as left me a bit anxious. I always work better with a goal in mind and a timeframe for accomplishing that goal, and running is no exception. So, I think it’s about time that I narrow down my race schedule for the fall. Unfortunately, my new-found love of trail running and ultramarathons means my options are even greater than they once were. However, the combination of available time and available funds means I can’t run everything…at least not all this year!

So, here are the races I have on the table right now:

Sioux Falls Marathon (September 9th)- In my quest to run a marathon or greater in all 50 states, South Dakota is a relatively close choice that would not cost a great deal of money, making it a desirable option. It is also just after my birthday so it would double as a birthday weekend of sorts, although I’m not sure anyone has ever said “I want to go to Sioux Falls, SD for a birthday vacation”. 🙂

Wabash Trace Nature Trail Marathon (September 15th)- This is a trail run (which I love!) in Southwest Iowa. It would be a pretty easy drive (3 hours), and lodging would be inexpensive, plus it promises to be quite a beautiful run! Should I be doing marathons on back-to-back weekends?

Wabash Heritage Trail Marathon (September 30th)- This has the potential to be a great little trail marathon, and we’d be driving through Chicago, which means we could plan some time there before or after the race.

Wild Duluth 50K (October 15th)- This trail race actually starts in one of my favorite state parks in Northern Minnesota (Jay Cooke State Park), and running this race would also mean eating at one of the most amazing Italian restaurants I’ve ever dined at…did I mention I love food?

The Fall 50 (October 20th)- This race is in northern Wisconsin and is supposedly extremely beautiful, with a route that traces down the peninsula to Sturgeon Bay. This is also a road race, which would be very interesting (made more so by the fact that it’s 50 miles, of course!).

Surf The Murph 50-mile Run (October 27th)- Since completing a 40 mile race, the thought of running 50 miles has entered my head, which is where this races comes in. It’s also right next to my parents’ house, so lodging would be free, and it would be really cool to run a race in a park I grew up visiting! Can I run 50 miles?

G.O.A.T.z Trail 50K (October 28th)- Yet another trail race, and I’d be able to cross Nebraska off my states list as well. I’ll overlook the fact that they title it the “1st Annual” race.

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (November 3rd)- I’ve only been to Indianapolis a few times, and all the reviews for the race are really strong. It also appears to be a nice flat course, which would be great.

Northface Endurance Challenge Kansas City 50K (November 17th)- I’ve run a Northface race before, and I was very impressed by the organization and support, so this race promises to be no different. Unlike their other races, this is a road race, which would be interesting. I’d also be able to cross Missouri off my states list.

Now, with that being said, let’s see what you think!


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3 thoughts on “Racing Choices: I can’t run them all!

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  2. Definitely spoiled for choice, especially with marathons and ultras. Too bad you don’t have a 1/2 obsession, because you could knock out one a weekend for the entire season!

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