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Brewing Up A Great Run

Normally, this would be the time when everyone would be talking about getting excited for the arrival of spring. After a long hard winter, who doesn’t look forward to a spring thaw, complete with budding trees and blooming blossoms? However, this hasn’t exactly been a typically year. As a result, spring is most definitely already here. I’ve been lucky enough to be running outside in shorts and technical t-shirt for quite some time, and being able to replace the winter hat with the wicking hat has been a wonderful thing for me. Now, not only does the emergence of spring a bit early mean it’s that much more pleasant to run outside, but it also means the emergence of Spring and Summer Seasonal beers!

Now, I like beer…a lot…almost as much as I love running. However, before I go any further, I should clarify something. I’m not talking about the beer you buy as a 24-pack and can drink like water (you know what brands I’m talking about- I can see the “light” going off in your mind now). I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a beer snob, but I put in my time during college with the red solo cups and the dirty kegs, and I’ve moved on to a more quality beer experience. As it so happens, I’ve found that as I run more and more, that beer and running really go together quite nicely! Wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps that’s why so many runs, like the most recent 100% Irish for a Day 10-miler I did, end with free beer. It’s brilliant, really. What better reason to drink a great beer @ 10AM and not feel guilty.

With spring here early, many of the smaller breweries release their spring and summer seasonal brews (seemingly early, right?) and I get the pleasure of sampling them all- it’s a burden, but one I’m willing to bear. I’m not alone, of course. The great thing about a good beer, much like a great route, is that it’s always more enjoyable with company. Perhaps that’s why running and beer seem to go together so well. Below are some typical general categories for spring and summer craft brews:


Red ale, Maibocks, Marzens, dry stout, abbey beers, Biere de Mars


Helles; Kolsch; German-style pils; saison; wheat beers; fruit-flavored wheat beers; pale, amber & blonde ales; citrusy-hopped ales

So, as I sit here, enjoying a “Dig” Pale Ale from New Belgium Brewery, remember to include a good beer in your post-run routine. After all, the main ingredient in all beers is water- it’s the others that set one apart from another!

Photo Credit: Denver Post

Post-Run Spring Seasonal Beer Selection

Rate Beer– A listing of all the top options. You must contact your local distributor immediately!

Samuel Adams– Always a Great Selection of seasonal brews

New Belgium Brewery– The “Dig” Pale Ale is quite tasty!

Great Lakes Brewing Company– I”m a fan of the Holy Moses White Ale

Harpoon Brewery– Alas, they don’t distribute in IA…one brewery tour in Boston and I was hooked for life!

Blue Moon Brewery– The Spring Blonde Wheat Ale is an excellent choice right now.

Now, this is certainly only a short list of the MANY spring and summer seasonal options…there is just a better chance of you finding these at your local grocery store…or ABC…or “Packie”.

I also love recommendations, so lets here them and toast to a wonderful spring and summer running season!

Harpoon Brewing Company


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