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Pre-Run Nutrition: On-The-Run Bites

In case it hasn’t already become incredibly obvious by my previous posts, I’m quite a lover of food. I am not, however, nearly as useful in the kitchen as I am on the computer. Despite my shortcomings in the kitchen, my current training has made searching for creative and delicious nutrition sources a must. Luckily, the beautiful epicurean shares my love of food, and happens to be quite skilled in the kitchen. She also happens to be incredibly supportive of my training, and is always looking for new ways to help fuel me on my long runs.

I’ve written before about running nutrition, and these delicious on-the-run bites can not only be added to the list, but might just move up towards the top!  With a combination of peanut butter, honey, dried fruit and nuts, granola, and flax seed, they served as delicious pre-run fuel. I’m always weary of eating to much before a long run or anything that will upset my stomach. At times, this can mean not giving my body enough fuel before the run starts, which means my fuel during the run doesn’t go as far. These delicious bites not only tasted great, but they sat well in my stomach and gave me an excellent jolt of long-lasting energy to start the morning. Check out the full recipe if you are interested in trying them out yourself!

Photo Credit: Midwestern Exposure

Overall, these bites provided a great start to what turned out to be my longest training run yet, and the pinnacle of my training in preparation for my upcoming ultra marathon. After a 5:00AM start time and 29 miles with some great friends, I was definitely ready to stop and properly refuel with some breakfast and a tall cup of coffee, but I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I have been at the end of previous runs, which is saying a lot. Now if only these bites could do something about my sleepy brain at 5AM!


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