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Sometimes Getting Out the Door Isn’t The Hardest Part

As I stepped out the door, the thermometer read 31 degrees, with winds out of the west at 37 mph. It was sleeting, and the sidewalks were covered with slop.   Did I mention that I hate wind, rain, and messy sidewalks & roads?

Photo Credit: Trailblazer Hub

Perhaps one of the biggest cliches in running is “getting out the door is the hardest part!”. The idea, of course, being that as long as you get suited up, lace up your shoes, and get out there, you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle to a consistent running routine.

However, as I walked out my door and ventured into the ridiculously windy afternoon, I couldn’t help but think that simply walking out the door was the easy part. I was right. When I turned left down a main road I typically run along, and headed west, the wind and sleet hit me like a load of freezing buckshot in the face (at least I imagine it felt something like that, seeing as how I have, luckily, never experienced a load of buckshot to the face!). After about 1/2 a mile, I felt like I was running through a wind tunnel, designed to test the aerodynamic nature of cars…in this case, I guess it was testing the aerodynamics of ME! Somehow, I suddenly felt like I understood my car a bit better…you know, if it was alive, and had nerves and skin, and, well, feelings. Alas, I don’t think our technology is quite there yet.

After about 20 minutes of running into the wind, the intersection looked very enticing and I was certainly looking to making the turn. However, as is the case with most windy days in a state with nothing on the landscape to break the wind, it followed me. Now I was going uphill and battling the wind. I could hardly stand the fun. When I finally made another turn, and had the wind at my back, I might as well have been flying! It didn’t last long, but it was a welcome reprieve none-the-less.

Plenty of Wind Energy!

I arrived home, thoroughly wet, but thankful to have gotten the run in. Lord knows I wasn’t going to be getting on the treadmill (we’ll get to that later). As always, in any of a number of ways, I felt better for having done it, having tackled the wind and sleet and my own body.

So, the hardest part might not be getting out the door, but rather continuing on when your house is no longer in sight, and when the only thoughts you are having are the myriad of complaints you are going to share with your running friends. They are the ones who take it for what it is, and know that at the end of it, you still love it, and you’ll head right back out again tomorrow.

Leave the door and bring on the wind!

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