Chasing 42

  • You Can’t Hack Social Justice

    At the beginning of my career, I was laser focused on productivity and lifehacking. The idea that there were all of these routines and strategies we could implement in our lives to get more done, be more efficient, and avoid aspects of the daily grind was appealing to me, just as it was to many […]

  • It’s Ok to Listen

    “Empathy is not agreeing and listening is not a betrayal of your cause.” I heard this quote several years ago and wrote it down. My apologies to the author, as the citation did not make it into my notes. However, the statement itself still stands out. We live at a more polarized time in our […]

  • Job or Vocation?

    There has been a lot of discussion about the ever-shifting labor market over the last three years. In the “before times”, unemployment was low and some folks had no problem finding work (unemployment rates, of course, don’t tell the whole story). The pandemic upended work environments for a lot of folks, laid bare the value […]

  • Don’t Stop Learning

    Every year during graduation ceremonies around the country, colleges and universities celebrate older graduates who came back to school to complete their degrees after decades away. The human interest story almost writes itself as we read about the challenging, interesting, and far flung lives of these individuals that took them away from campus and eventually […]

  • Fighting Inertia

    How are your New Years resolutions going? Most folks have already given up on them at this point in January so a) don’t feel bad if you’ve left them in the dust, or b) congratulate yourself for sticking with them. Regardless of your status, the push against inertia is a struggle for all of us. […]

  • The Role of Belonging

    The social and political landscape is arguably always changing but has perhaps done so in seismic ways in the past three years. We continue to struggle with a global pandemic (endemic?) that has isolated people in new and old ways. We continue to wrestle with the impact of systemic oppression on our education, beliefs, expression, […]

  • Still Chasing 42

    Did you miss me? Or perhaps you didn’t even know I was gone? I’m guessing the latter outweighs the former, but you’re here now, so let’s chat. I began this blog over a decade ago to document my then brand new running hobby. That hobby has since become a lifestyle and given me access to […]

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